5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website



As of June 2019, there are over 4.5 Billion internet users, that’s close to 60% of the world population. The growth of the internet has shifted business from physical to digital. Waiting for customers to come to you is no longer enough. Here are 5 reasons your business needs a website ASAP;

1. Brand Credibility

Having a website for your business tells people your brand is for real and isn’t fooling people. Some pages of your website clearly define your brand mission, show your past projects and contact details.


2. Sell to the world

Selling your products globally reduces your need to compete locally, helps you benefit from currency exchange and enhances your reputation. An e-Commerce website efficiently complements your physical store to give you maximum revenues. You get money straight into your account from simple button clicks by customers


3. Always Open for Business

With a website, visitors can take a look at your products and buy them even when you aren’t available. This means you are selling 24/7 all year round. With the perfect Call-To-Actions (Talk to me, Grab 10% OFF, etc.) on your website, you will always make sales.


4. Own Your Own Communication

If you don’t communicate about your company online, share your values and vision, somebody will do it for you ( and you might not like what is said …)

People want to know how you started and your brand vision. You won’t always be there to tell them. An “About Us” page on your website solves this easily, all you need do is dedicate a day to craft a passionate brand story, after all, no one knows your business than you.  


5. Competition

Your products might be of better quality than that of your competitors, but quality does not market a product, exposure does. If you don’t occupy the internet space, your competitor will do and generate market shares that will be very difficult to claim back in the future.


In conclusion, here are some basic reasons your business needs a websitethe revenues you are generating now can be boosted several folds with a website that tables your value proposition and subconsciously leads visitors to your action button.

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