5 Benefits of a Custom Email Address



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When properly done, business branding tells your customers that you’re a professional. One of the elements of branding for web design is the email address you send your corporate mails with. Your business email should give credibility to your business and put your prospects’ minds at rest.

A proper business email address has the format;

[email protected] e.g. [email protected]

Corporate, right? Here are 5 benefits of a custom email address.


It is included in your domain name payment

If you’ve purchased a domain name for your website (whether you’ve hired a web designer or not), you already have the ability to use that domain for your email addresses.

Setting up your email account is easy. There are free and do-it-yourself tutorials available online to help set-up your email accounts.


Free Marketing For You

Have you ever seen looked up a website because you were curious about an email address on a business card? You can’t do this with free email addresses.

But, if you use your website, you’re getting your brand in front of more eyeballs. Business email address should appear on each employee’s business cards and marketing materials.


You have Freedom to Standardize Your Email Addresses

Another reason you need a business email address is as your company grows, you can use a format for all email addresses. So maybe you use [email protected] or [email protected]. This provides consistency in your business, and customers can easily remember the formula for your company email addresses.

For free emails, usernames you can use depend on if they are still available. If your name is John, then your free email will probably resemble [email protected], Good luck remembering!


It Speaks professionalism

If you think you don’t need a custom email address because Gmail and Yahoo provide free ones, consider this: if you were thinking about hiring a web design company to build your website, which correspondence would you trust more:

[email protected] -Or- [email protected]

Using free email addresses reduces the value you want to offer your customers. Your competitors all use custom email addresses, that is why they take your business.


It secures your business

What happens when an employee leaves, taking his personal email with him? If he was using for your business, it will be impossible to access those emails. On the other hand, if you set up an account under his name, you can redirect those emails to go to your new employee. Or, you could create a generic email for certain roles, like [email protected] so that the new employee takes over the management of that account.

The thing is you need a website domain to have a business email address.

Question is; Are you ready to get a custom email for your business?

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