Things To Have Before You Contact A Web Designer



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So you’ve finally decided to invest in a website for your business, congratulations! 

You should know is that a perfect website is not a testament to a web designer’s expertise. It is rather a product of quality communication between the client (you) and the web designer you chose. 

In order to reap the benefits of having a website for your business, here are some things you should have before you contact a web designer.


A Goal for Your Website

You need to take a long term view of how a website will benefit your business, this could be to;

You need to know what you want your website to do for you in order to communicate this to the builder.


A Domain Name

One of the first things in building your website is choosing the perfect domain name. Your domain name should be easy to spell and remember, it needs to be short enough yet related to your business. 

This helps existing customers find you easily and new customers remember when they see it. Make sure your domain name ends with “.com” as this is the most popular.

To visit your website, people should be able to type your business name and add .com (e.g., Isn’t that sweet?


Content For Your Website

Content matters a lot, it occupies every available space on your website. Text, images, videos, testimonials, all these should be planned for and prepared by you (or outsourced to a content creator) before you contact the web designer.

The web designer then needs to plug in your content and make them look good on your website. Therefore, having your content ready protects the project duration you agree with the designer. 


Reference Website(s)

Innovation is a time-consuming process that boosts business when successful. Big companies and multinationals invest a lot in Research and Development which in most cases, fail.

Rather than go through the process of creating a radical website, curate useful features of some websites related to your business. Present useful features from your reference websites in a way the designer will understand.



Building a website always costs more than you expect. Therefore, it is essential you do your research before committing to a web design company.

Find out how much it costs (on the average) to build a website in your area. To do this, speak with website owners in your network whos’ website you find appealing enough for you.

In a situation where you can’t find a pleasing website within your network, research contacts of the owners of websites you like. Tell them how you find their website appealing and that you want something similar for yourself. They will most likely share contact details of their designer, owing to the compliment you gave them.

Once you have the above points settled, you can then contact a web designer for your project. You sure have provided them with enough information to build you an outstanding website at an affordable price.

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