5 Most Important Features Hotel Websites Should Have



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Hotels are commonplace, whether 3-star or 5-star, travellers or tourists need places to rest. The first trick for any hotelier is to make their hotel very visible to their target guests.

To capitalize on their visibility, hoteliers should create a website that is reminiscent of stepping into a hotel. A website that guides a potential guest into every hotel room, restaurant menu, and other features or amenities. 

Are you looking to build a website for your hotel?

Read on as we tell you 5 Most Important Features Hotel Websites Should Have in order to convert tentative browsers to your hotel guests.

custom website design Victoria Island

1. Charming Visuals

People book hotels for a memorable experience, what you’re selling goes beyond a place guests rest their heads. Whether touring or on a business trip, your guests want a good time. The best way to promise them this is with your website videos or pictures.

Create a website experience that similar to the actual hotel experience. Showcase your offers with an extensive quantity of beautiful images, videos or virtual tours. Remember, human beings are visual creatures, we relate to what we see. Therefore, eye-catching visual is among the important features hotel websites should have.


2. Testimonials and Guest Reviews

Yes, there have been memorable experiences in your hotel. Your past guests have rated you high, they loved your service.  

Do potential guests care about this? 

Yes, they do care, they wish to know how you’ve treated your past guests.

Do they know about this?

Probably not because your testimonials and reviews are either non-existent or hidden in your expanse of content.

Find ways to integrate Google Location Reviews for your hotel into your website. In addition to Google Location Reviews, TripAdvisor is a very reliable source of reviews for hotels and other hospitality outlets. Suggest that your past guests rate you on TripAdvisor and integrate this on your website. 

Getting reviews is one thing, using reviews is another. Use your reviews to close bookings by placing them on your website in such a way they won’t miss it.


3. Driving Directions – Google Maps

Integrating Google Map on your website is sweet, it helps potential guests see where you are located. As you well know, people knowing your location does not get you paid, people coming to your location could get you paid.

Therefore, the sweetest option for your business is helping guests get to you. This can be done by extending your Google Map integration further in order to make your hotel position a sole destination for anyone visiting your website. 

Add Google Maps driving directions to your website so, all potential guests need to do is type their current location. This valuable comfort you offer plays a great role in helping you close the deal.


4. A Local Guide

Within a mile radius of your hotel, there are several places your guest could visit for a good time, to eat or just for a walk. 

Certainly, you know your neighbourhood more than Google Maps, in fact, you’ve tried some places yourself. Have these place well documented with their Pros and Cons. This tells your potential guest you care about their safety and overall experience.

A Local Guide could be in place of blog articles on “places to visit”. You can link these articles to websites of such hospitality establishments close to you.


5. Mobile Responsive Design

Among the important features hotel websites should have is a mobile-first design. Over 50% of people on the internet browse with their phones, it is just far too easy to use than a ‘heavy’ PC. 

Ask yourself this; when people go to my website on phone, do they have the same experience as the desktop?

Your website needs to be arranged to fit your visitors mobile screen and yet pass the same message the desktop version passes. 

53% of people on the internet will leave a mobile webpage that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, your website needs to be optimized for speed.

If you’re considering a new website that converts visitors into guests, here are the important features hotel websites should have.

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