How To Promote Your Website For Free



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You decided a website is a worthy investment for your business and got one built. The obvious next step is to get people to see your website so they can purchase your goods, order your services etc.  

To do this, you promote (advertise) your goods (or services) using your website as a point of conversion. Assuming you can’t free up budget for promotions, here are some ways to promote your website for free.


List Your Website On Directories

Directories are websites on which businesses add details about themselves. These businesses may be sorted into categories or tagged with some keywords. In fact, there are some directories that only take websites from a unique business type or a particular region.

Adding your website URL to as many directories as possible makes sure more people can find you. 


Create Your Business Account On Search Engines

Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc allow you to list your business in an account that will include your website, hours, contact details and your location. On Google search results, these details may appear when people search for location terms related to your business. 

You can get started by claiming and updating your business on Google My Business.


Create Blog Articles

Posting articles on your blog could do two things for you;

  • Position you as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Increase your rank on search engines.

Blogging is a free (it comes with your website) avenue to write anything you like about your business. The trick here is to write articles that establish you as an expert in your field. 

This process propels you to learn more about your field, target market and more, therefore, you create loads of content. This improves the quality of your website and helps you rank higher on search results.


Get Social!

It takes time and energy to create a blog article you can be proud of. Imagine a situation where nobody sees your well-crafted articles, don’t imagine it! It is very possible.

Nobody knows you’ve posted on your blog, you need to tell people about your posts. Use your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.) announce your blog articles to the world. Ask your friends to share your articles with their own network.


Build a Mailing List

99% of consumers check their email every day, and virtually everyone on the internet has an email address. Your website will benefit a lot from a densely populated mailing list.

How do you populate your mailing list?

In one word, incentivisation

What matters to your target audience? What do they need that you can provide for free?

To deliver timely updates from your website, you need their email, right? Give them a reason to give you their email address. Examples of incentives include;

  • An exclusive offer for new subscribers (20% off)
  • An email series on a relevant topic
  • Free ebook (email required for download)
  • A cheat sheet, checklist or worksheet to help save time
  • Free online webinar (to email registrants)

People drop their email addresses to receive something free from you. Keep them on your mail list with relevant, timely and consistent content.

In summary, here’s how to promote your website for free;

  • Add your website as well as your business details to free directories.
  • Create a business account on search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Create blog articles to position you as an expert and improve your search engine rank.
  • Share your blog articles and other contents on social media platforms.
  • Build a mail list using incentivisation.

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