How to Make Sales From Your Website



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The most important reason any business should have a website is to make sales. Depending on your type of business, website sales could either mean high volumes of items or an opportune sale of a costly item (or service). 

For instance, how a  household appliance vendor pushes for sales is different from the way a building contractor does it. 

No matter your line of business, here are common 4 common ways you can position your website to generate sales;


Connect With Your Customers On Social Network

Over 3 Billion of the world population spend their time on top social networking sites. These apps target unique demographics, for instance, political fanatics get use twitter for their quick rants, underskilled people learn new skills for free on YouTube etc.

Do you know who your customers are?

Yes? Good, find out the social media app they use the most and connect with them with content tailored specifically to them. Post new and relevant content regularly, respond to their comments and engage with their posts.


Be On Their Mind With Regular Email Newsletters

An email address is a registration requirement for most platforms on the internet (including social media apps). Therefore, virtually everyone has an email address and at least 72% of internet users prefer email when communicating with a business.

Develop a newsletter calendar that contains dates for your every type of contents (articles, images, embedded videos etc). Systematically send valuable and relevant content to keep them subscribed to your newsletters. Occasionally, you can create exclusive offers for your email subscribers to get them to ultimately buy from you.


Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

When people need something ‘now’, they ‘search’ for it. The practice of pushing your website to show up first for searches relevant to your business on search engines (like Google and Bing) is called Search Engine Optimization. 

The most basic process of any search engine optimization campaign is having (or creating links to) lots of content that include your business key offer. For instance, if you gather and sell plastic bottles, you need to create content that includes the keyphrase “plastic bottles”.

SEO can be difficult but once you get to the top of the search results, you no longer need to spend much on adverts. 


Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

Over 5 Billion people of the world population use mobile phones. Recall that most of your marketing efforts lead back to your website. Therefore, your website needs to deliver a good user experience on smartphones.

This starts by making sure your web designer builds for you a website with responsive design and simple navigation that’s helpful to those working with a small screen. It is essential you create pages that to maps and open hours if your business includes a physical location.


In summary, here’s how to make sales from your website;

  • Create relevant content for your well-researched target audience.
  • Post these content on social media network they spend their time on.
  • Send them valuable content and offers via mail.
  • Optimize your website to rank well on search engines.
  • Give your mobile website visitors an awesome experience.

At 63 Web Studio, we build mobile responsive websites that include social media integration and basic search engine optimization to help get your website ranked.

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