Why You Need A Custom Domain For Your Business




Custom domains are like unique spaces on the internet. Think of it like how you have a whole house in Abuja to yourself and not sharing spaces with anybody. A good example is how you have the Wallets Africa website which is on its own and does not have a WordPress or Blogspot sub-domains. As we already know, creating a website for your business provides a way for people to get information and make a purchase.

Having a custom domain is very important for your online brand. Why? Because it is unique to you and your business. In Nigeria especially, there’s a high number of phishing and online scams that happen daily. The last thing you want to do is make users feel like they cannot trust you or the information they are getting off your website. Here are more reasons why you definitely need a custom domain.


Brand Building

Custom domains are a great way to brand your business and increase visibility among your target audience. A website with its domain is instantly remembered and is far easier to recommend it to friends and family. It is easier to tell a friend about a skincare website like Lagos-based company, Arami Essentials than if they had a WordPress sub-domain.



As we had earlier said, getting a website helps your customer trust your brand. This trust can extend to a purchase or a recommendation. It shows how seriously you take your business and people are more comfortable in trusting your business and making whatever action you want them to.


Leads And New Customers

A business with a custom domain is open to a lot of things, one of which is better SEO if done well. This can show your website to more eyes. However, the trick is in optimizing your website for all the new customers. For a website to rank, it needs a lot more than just a keyword-rich domain name – it will need superior quality content, backlinks, and inbound links. All these factors as well as a keyword-rich domain name, contribute to boosting your website’s search ranking.


Custom emails

Having a custom domain also makes it super easy for you to create custom email addresses. Imagine seeing an email from Fidelity Bank that reads [email protected]? It already looks weird. But try, [email protected] and you know it is instantly better. Custom emails can boost the image of your business and make you look more professional to your customers.


Control and Security

With custom domains, you are in control of the data for your business. There are more security measures put in place for people with custom domains and permissions can be created as you deem fit.


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